Workshops and Training

The Leadership Wheel Training and/or Certification.  Sign up for Two Days in Orlando, Winter, 2017.

Fee:  USD 995.00 per participant for training; additional for certification.  Sign Up -

The Leadership Wheel  - 1/2 Day Sessions for Managers and Leaders

Allow us to engage your organization in a group discussion and rediscover leadership styles with eachother, teams, leaders, and stakeholders.  Benefits magnify a higher sense of self-awareness, an appreciation for others' talents and strengths, ability to confront difficult discussions(conflict) in a humbling and intentionally facilitated safe environment. Each participant receives a self-assessment and greater understanding of their own team's strengths opportunity areas.

Sales Leadership Development - Sales Training- One Day or Two Success Training

The Leadership Wheel allows sales professionals to connect at different levels and better understand and appreciate eachother styles in the sales process.  Ignite the value of the concept to improve client retention, sales conversions, probing, language, written and verbal communication, and closing techniques.  Participants learn how to approach each client differently where they are most likely to buy, not the style of the sales leader.  Fun and engaging session.

Speaking Engagements

Inquire about engagements for interactive, highly participatory sessions.  The Leadership Wheel concept catapults learning and ignites interest.  A rich story and intriguing concept leads to the key topic of conversation -- "the participants".  The audience walks away with a deeper understanding of themselves, validation for their talents, and insight to take away.  (Light, humorous, deep, and rich.)