Rod Napier, Ph.D.

As an applied psychologist, organizational consultant, agent of change, faculty member at University of Pennsylvania, former fellow at The Wharton School, and tenured professor at Temple University; Napier has authored and co-authored an impressive list of leadership books (Measure What Matters, Groups: Theory and Experience, The Courage to Act, High Impact Activities and Tools for Strategic, Intentional Design and the Process for Change, and soon-Seduction of the Leader. Rod introduced the first prototype of the 360 degree feedback assessment which serves as a centerpiece to leadership development, as well as, the Group Management Questionnaire (GMQ) which serves as a benchmark for team functionality. Napier experiences and treasures the rich traditions from his time living and learning about the indigenous peoples. The Leadership Wheel serves as one of his legacies. Rod’s trademark is his creation of intense experiential learning workshops including a 10-day immersion program on the island of Temagami in Canada and a 5-day group leadership experience.