About The Leadership Wheel

The Leadership Wheel Styles Assessment®, developed by Rod Napier, PhD, Julie Roberts, PhD, and Pat Sanaghan, EdD, offers leaders an opportunity for self-discovery.  

The leadership wheel emerges as a great teaching mechanism to help individuals more closely align, respect, and appreciate a specific leadership style. The styles complement the Medicine Wheel, which serves at the heart of Native American spirituality. In addition to understanding one's own style, an opportunity exists to gain knowledge about other styles and identify traits which assist an individual in one's own quest for effective leadership development. This is a significant tool for those seeking sustainable change through seeing themselves and their teams, perhaps, for the very first time, or validating what is already known. The Leadership Wheel is easily understood, rich in history and grounded research, and portrays in a simple, yet elegant manner.

After extensive research and exploration of the Native American culture, beliefs, and traditions; a process was crafted to connect the attributes of the Medicine Wheel to a diagnostic tool for leadership development.  Unlike other personality or leadership profile tools, The Leadership Wheel offers a scoring and rating mechanism to reflect styles under normal conditions versus stressful conditions. The leadership style inventory assessment serves to heighten the awareness of one's leadership style and to recognize styles of peers, supervisors, direct reports, and others. The impact of the scoring element, coupled with the rich history and eloquent yet simple language, results in greater self-awareness and learning for leaders.

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